Lights, camera, action!


For quite a few years now, I have been doing what I call “book trailers” with Matt Wade (from Kin Design) for Macmillan Publishers. Book trailers are TV adverts promoting books but the format is that of a film trailer. You know the kind: A lot of fast paced action scenes and a deep looming voice saying things like: “one man… one gun… against the system”. If you’re anything like me, now I made you think about them, you’ll be talking like that for the rest of the day. Sorry.

The first one we did was for America’s number 1 best-selling thriller writer David Baldacci, it promoted the launch of his novel True Blue on paperback in the UK. The budget isn’t Hollywood size but we do our best to make it look like it was and we always have a blast doing them.

I wish I had the chance to do more of them, maybe different genres and different audiences. I love the creative challenge that these short projects present for two reasons: First, it’s a new area for me, one I would have thought I’d be a natural, like when all men think they’d be great at operating a digger and then it turns out it’s a bit harder than you expected; and second, I love having to be resourceful and always finding a way no matter what the challenge is: From disguising Kin’s workshop as a terrorist’s lair to shooting outside Farringdon Tube station and make it look like Stockholm’s airport.

Best part is that because there’s not enough money to hire actors (we’ve only done it once!), we play the parts ourselves. But we’re running out of people, so if you ever want to be either a policeman or a dead guy, give us a ring, we’ll see what we can do!


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