Imagination London commissioned the design and animation of a robot’s face for the Ford’s Ranger Robot Theatre at Bangkok’s Motor Show, Thailand 2011.

After several tests, we decided to use Cinema 4D to create this piece. Firstly to do choreograph the robot’s movements as a guide for the programmers of the machine, and second to animate the facial expressions using bones to control the muscles and C.O.F.F.E.E. to have a list of re-usable standard expressions.
The robot, which is one of the kind they use in assembly lines at Ford, was nicknamed Kouk.

Also on display at the event was a game on which I was commissioned to work for the L.A. and Detroit Motor Show in 2008 to promote their Ford Fusion line. The game has featured around the world in multiple motor shows such as Geneva and Shanghai.

Client: Ford
Agency: Imagination London
Choreography: Zoe Philpott
Character design / animation: Alex Amelines