Studio Tinto was commissioned by Kin Design to give movement to their designs for ‘Level Kids’ in Dubai, a luxury retail store just for kids created by the Chaloub Group. The store is split into three levels: sea, land and sky. Kin designed a family of characters to display across a series of LED screens cleverly integrated into the architecture of the store.

In order to interpret the designer’s vision accurately, we decided to create plasticine prototypes to quickly assess the character’s geometry prior to modelling. Once we were happy with the direction we moved on to Cinema 4D for modelling, texturing, rigging and animation.


We had two different routes, either create a very long series of loops to play endlessly or create a programmatic environment so the characters had a life and behaviour of their own. We opted for the second one as it offered a richer visual experience. The characters were then exported and returned to Kin’s technical department so they could be put together in their custom build Unity stage.





Client: Chaloub Group
Direction: Kin Associates
Design: Claire Campion
Modeling: Phil McNeill, Alex Amelines
Animation: Alex Amelines
Development: Tom Harding