Animation created for the Catholic aid agency, CAFOD, it encourages children and young people to reflect on journeys made in history and by their own families. It explains that the refugee crisis is global, yet the vast majority of refugees stay close to their home countries.

CAFOD asked me to help bring to life the illustrations created for them by Rachel Summers. Her style is very tactile and hand-made so it obviously needed to be frame by frame animation, but given the time and budget constraints we had to embark on the challenge of mimicking the look while doing it justice in After Effects. We created a set of parts using her textures and for most characters it meant creating twice the amount of assets to maintain the ‘boiling line’ look.





The animation was also localised for CAFOD’s Australian, Canadian and Scottish counterparts, including voice over, all text assets and some graphics. Knowing this in advance allowed me to rig my project in such a way that I just had to replace a single asset to update the text animations, this saved valuable time, specially with things like the text shattering, dissolving, morphings, etc.




Client: CAFOD
Script: Kathleen O’Brien & Gemma Salter
Direction: Studio Tinto
Illustrations: Rachel Summers
Animation: Alex Amelines
Sound: Chris Harrington