When the cat’s away…

This is our new and impromptu (very) short animation project, which was brought to life in collaboration with talented composer Chris Harrington.

When Chris shared with me his new Halloween inspired composition, I just couldn’t stop picturing all these little critters jumping out of their hiding places, so we made a plan… sort of. I just started sketching as many as I could, during render times, waiting for the train, on the train, at lunchtime… then it was matter of sketch casting and off we went.

I used my son’s bedroom as a stage and his lovely person as the main actor. It was an interesting project because the pace and the narrative was led by the music, so we didn’t do an animatic for change, we just had to edit the footage in synch and then add the animation in the right slots. I think it works well and I like a quick turn around.

We might do more in the future. Hopefully. A lot of sketches were left behind in the sketchbook and I would love to animate those as well!

Chris says: “With Halloween there’s a lot of cliche pot holes to avoid so I decided on a trusted palette of the ‘Danny Elfman’ kind. The composition has the expected dissonant qualities of horror but with a sense of mischief and fun which Halloween is all about

Studio Tinto gave every hit and stab a personality and character all of their own.

In-House project

Studio Tinto

Alex Amelines

Rafael Amelines

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Sound design
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